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A brief video detailing the zinc plating process, using a bright zinc solution and an olive passivate.


This video details how parts look when clean and unclean. Such an important part in the electroplating process.

Videos, Projects & Advice

This page will hopefully offer a little advice and assistance with your electroplating projects. If you have any pictures of work that you’d like to share, by all means send them in to us and we will share them with the world! If we have any hints and tips which may prove useful we’ll have it here. Remember that if you’ve something useful to share with us, please get in touch and we will be happy to pass your tips on within these webpages.

Keep checking back for more videos and tips.

A simple demonstration of bright nickel plating - set up, equipment and a brief demonstration of results.

A “QuickVid” series video detailing our new HyBlack Cold Blackening solution for the blacking (often called Blueing / Bluing) of mild steels.

A quick look at our bronzing solution HyBronze XBR. HyBronze XBR can be applied by spray (unlike most) as well as immersion, and gives an attractive deep brown finish to brass.

This video shows Dry Acid Salts in action. Used in several applications, this video features the de-rusting performance of the product as a genuine alternative to traditional strong acid pickle solutions.

The newest product in the HyBronze range is “DF2” a “Dark Finish” patina application which can be used at a range of concentrations and can be applied by immersion or as can be seen in this video, by brush. As it can be applied by brush, it’s ideal for shop renovation where parts can be treated “in situ”.

A demonstration of simple zinc plating, using pre-blended bright zinc solution. Follow bolts as they are stripped and cleaned and subsequently plated and passivated using the TriFin Y passivate process (on trial at the time of upload)