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Chemical Bronzing is a popular method of “antiquing” a metal surface. There are numerous products now available which will impart a range of finishes to different surfaces. We are constantly developing our product range, tailoring bespoke formula products to suit industrial finishing requirements. If you have a specific requirement, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We hope to get many of these products listed here within this site, so watch this space…..

A quick look at our bronzing solution HyBronze XBR. HyBronze XBR can be applied by spray (unlike most) as well as immersion, and gives an attractive deep brown finish to brass.

HyBronze XBR

HyBronze XBR is the first of our chemical bronzing and antiquing products to be offered for sale here at Youplate.co.uk - it is probably the most versatile product of our current range and unlike many antiquing solutions available, can be applied by both immersion or by spray application. Apply to Brass, Copper and Bronze. The result attained will depend upon application and the metal or alloy type treated. Please watch the video ←

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250ml - £8.50

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1 litre - £29.50

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100ml - £5.50

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5 litres - £135.00

Just a little idea of some of the finishes attainable with HyBronze products - get in touch for more information.