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Non Etch Aluminium Cleaner, 500g - £4.99

Non-Etch, industrial grade aluminium cleaner. Mild and safe to use on numerous surfaces, this product is non-corrosive and easy to use yet does not attack aluminium surfaces. An ideal addition to any home platers set up, particularly those who treat aluminium.

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Soak Cleaner, 500g - £5.99

A carefully balanced blend of emulsifiers and detergents incorporated into AC 99 ensures a consistent level of performance, providing tolerance to high soil usage. Oil flotation problems are virtually eliminated with the result that useful solution life may be considerably extended. A  a highly effective alkaline soak cleaner, formulated to remove a wide variety of soils from both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. typically operated in the range 25 – 50 g / lt. (4 – 8 oz / gal) at a temperature of 60 – 70 ºC.

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Electro-Cleaner, 500g - £5.99

A highly alkaline cleaner designed to remove a variety of soils from ferrous components using soak or electrolytic operation. Combines high soil carrying ability with an excellent electrolytic scrubbing action. Ideal for use where limited pre-treatment facilities exist or where complete compatibility and / or rationalisation of first and second stage cleaning is required.

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Multi-Purpose Cleaner, 500g - £8.99

A multi purpose cleaner formulated for ultrasonic cleaning, electro-cleaning, de-rusting and even paint removal. Used effectively at a range of concentrations.

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Ultrasonic Cleaner, 1 litre - £15.99

A specially formulated, liquid product used for non-etch cleaning of aluminium and aluminium alloys. The product is especially effective when used in ultrasonic applications. Provides excellent removal of oils and greases from aluminium substrates leaving no attack on the base metal.

Effective in the hardest of water areas and does not create scaling and sludge problems often associated with silicated cleaners.

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Acidic Cleaner, 1 Litre - £12.99

A liquid acid product used for the removal of oxides, shop soils,

flux and welding spatter from aluminium, steel and stainless steel.

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Metal Polish, 500ml - £7.99

This is NOT a "run of the mill" polish you'd find on a supermarket shelf - this is a PROFESSIONAL GRADE polish, formulated specifically for restoration work on high-spec chrome work.

This product has been formulated to polish, clean and protect all manner of metal surfaces.It was formulated for professional chrome platers and chrome restorers.

Ideal for any chrome and nickel work on classic or modern motorcycles and cars. This product in pleasantly fragranced and is ideal for both occasional and regular use. Mild abrasive action of the polish helps remove light scratches and leaves a pleasing gleam.

Can be used on Chrome, Brass, Nickel, Copper & Pewter.

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1 litre - £5.99

Aluminium Safe Motorcycle Cleaner

Our parent company developed the Hyperclene range of cleaning products, at the core of these cleaning products was the belief that performance should be the prime objective during formulation and this lead to a range of supreme cleaning products used everyday by professionals and home users. We use these products ourselves.

As bike riders too, we recognised that we were spending far too much on “branded” motorcycle cleaners, and upon investigation we realised that some of the more popular cleaners available today don’t perform as well as they could and indeed many actually attack aluminium! We are proud to both use and sell

Hyperclene Bike Wash and can now offer it here at our Youplate website.

Ideal for ANY type of bike, it’s used and recommended by a wide variety of users who use it on a wide variety of machines. We love it - we hope you will too!

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5 litres - £19.99

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25 litres - £39.99

Available as 5 x 5 Litres upon request.