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nickel plating salts

Nickel Plating Salts 500g - £8.99

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Nickel Plating Salts provides a base solution to produce a basic nickel deposit. Whilst some online sources will direct you to a concoction of white vinegar and nickel acetate, this product is based upon the same chemistry industrial nickel plating is operated with.

This product contains no plating additives and will produce a natural nickel deposit which can be polished if required or left in its natural state.

Each 500g pack can be diluted to make 1.4 litres of plating solution.


Nickel Plating Products bright nickel plating solution

Bright Nickel Plating Solution

Bright Nickel Plating Solution is a pre-prepared solution containing all the necessary plating additives to give a superior, bright, level, ductile deposit. Nothing needs to be added - just warm the solution as you would with any nickel plating solution and start plating.

Available in multiple pack sizes, this solution is second to none and provides market leading industrial plating additives, high quality base materials, all blended together to give a quality yet economical electroplating solution.


nickel sulphate

Nickel Sulphate

High purity, high quality nickel sulphate used in nickel plating solutions. *PROFESSIONAL USERS ONLY*

Add to Basket 5kg - £45.99 Add to Basket 500g - £5.49 nickel chloride

Nickel Chloride

High purity, high quality nickel chloride used in nickel plating solutions. *PROFESSIONAL USERS ONLY*

Add to Basket 5kg - £45.99 Add to Basket 500g - £5.99 boric acid

Boric Acid

High purity, high quality boric acid used in electroplating solutions.

Add to Basket 5kg - £34.99 Add to Basket 500g - £4.49

Do you want to make your own solutions?

Whilst many choose to buy pre-mixed solutions for standard or bright nickel plating, why not make your own? The raw materials below are what make up your standard solutions.

Why do I need the 3 ingredients below?

Each ingredient has a job to perform and a plating solution operates at its best when all 3 are in balance. Nickel Sulphate offers a nickel content to the solution. Nickel Chloride offers a nickel content but is most important for conductivity. Boric Acid is a buffer and helps keep the solution stable. Often people will try to plate using just nickel chloride but the nickel content will not be enough, likewise with nickel sulphate the conductivity will not be enough. Missing out additives will cheapen a solution but will not make the process any better - far from it! Once you’ve purchased your additives we can supply you with dilution rates to enable you to mix your own, quality solutions.

Why not try bright plating? Click the button below to look at our additives which enable you to bright nickel plate.

Bright Nickel Add to Basket 1 litre - £10.99 Add to Basket 5 litres - £32.99 Add to Basket 25 litres (5x 5 litres) - £135.99