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Chrome Stripping Salts, 1 kg - £7.99

Used for electrolytic stripping of chrome deposit from iron and steel. Used at 100g / litre, this pack provides enough to make 10 litres of stripping solution. Used cold, with the pieces to be stripped as the anode and scrap steel can be used as a cathode. Used at approximately 6 volts.

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Nickel Stripping Solution, 1 Litre - £10.99

Nickel stripping solution is supplied ready to use and should NOT be diluted with any material. It is a formulated solution, used for the electrolytic stripping of nickel from Copper, Brass, Zinc, Aluminium, Iron and Steel.

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Chrome Stripping Solution, 1 Litre - £10.99

This solution is formulated to remove chrome by immersion from copper, brass and bronze. Use one part of this product to 2 parts water for effective chrome stripping.

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Hydro-Pickle, 1 litre - £10.99

Hydro Pickle is a pickling solution for de-rusting steels but will also quickly remove zinc deposit. (Does cause hydrogen embrittlement, do not use if this is to be avoided)