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Passivates & Finish Protection

Corrosion occurs due to high moisture, humidity or temperature and can be observed in the form of “white rust” – this will eventually lead to complete failure of the deposited coating and permit rusting of the underlying steel.

Passivated coatings increase the resistance of the zinc against this type of corrosion and therefore considerably increase the life of the base metal. A passivate will also allow a good bonding layer for paint, if paint is indeed required.

Selecting your passivate

After your work is plated, you will need to passivate the deposit. At this point there are several options to choose from. The passivate chosen can provide varying degrees of protection but can also offer a coloured finish. Coloured finishes often give greater protection.

All of our passivates are formulated and manufactured by us and are exactly as you’d buy them as an industrial plater.

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Water-based  Lacquer, 1 litre - £14.99

This is an amazing product that will quite literally add years to the life of your electroplated work. Our special formula lacquer can be used on copper, zinc, brass or cadmium and used at a range of dilutions. Can increase the protection by 10 times!

Add to Basket trivalent blue passivate

Trivalent Blue Passivate, 250ml - £7.99

An environmentally safer alternative to a standard blue passivate, which contains no hexavalent chrome but instead is trivalent based.  Used at 1 - 3% with water, working solutions give a comparable result to traditional passivates but are known to last considerably longer as well as being safer to use.

Legislation Changes

Please note that in Autumn of 2017, Chrome 6 containing products will be subject to stringent legislation changes and therefore we will not be supplying passivates with Chrome 6 as a base material. This includes the basic clear (blue), yellow and olive passivation products. Industrial users should contact us for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: Use of Chrome”6”products will now require licence - small users must NOT purchase passivation products containing Chrome “6”, such as Chromium Trioxide and Sodium Dichromate. Alternative products are being continually developed and many offer better corrosion protection that the products now no longer available.

Colour passivation may prove a little harder to attain - please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

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TriFin Y Colour Passivate, 500ml - £12.99

An environmentally safer alternative to a standard colour passivate, which contains no hexavalent chrome but instead is trivalent based.  Used at 1 - 5% with water, the 500ml bottle will make at lease 10 litres of working solution. Can produce finishes from light iridescent to attractive yellows.

Add to Basket water based lacquer

Passivate Sealant - ZinSeal S -  250ml - £9.50

ZinSeal S is a clear coating for application over zinc plated and zinc coated surfaces as a corrosion protective. Coated materials have a greatly increased salt spray protection to red rust and works equally well on zinc, cadmium and aluminium that is either electroplated or mechanical plated. Used at 5 - 10% , this makes up to 5 litres of working solution.