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bright nickel plating solution

Bright Nickel Plating Solution

Bright Nickel Plating Solution is a pre-prepared solution containing all the necessary plating additives to give a superior, bright, level, ductile deposit. Nothing needs to be added - just warm the solution as you would with any nickel plating solution and start plating.

Available in multiple pack sizes, this solution is second to none and provides market leading industrial plating additives, high quality base materials, all blended together to give a quality yet economical electroplating solution. *PROFESSIONAL USERS ONLY*

Add to Basket 1 litre - £9.99 Add to Basket 5 litres - £29.99 Add to Basket 25 litres (5x 5 litres) - £129.99 Bright Nickel Plating

Whilst many older parts that have been nickel plated were electroplated using a dull deposit and often hand polished, today we can achieve some really nice, bright results with a very simple kit.

A bright plating solution is made up in the same way as a standard base nickel solution, using all of the standard nickel plating salts. However, a bright plating solution has other, formulated products added to provide certain qualities which will help make the deposit more pleasing and importantly bright.

Each ingredient has a different role to play in the electroplating process and should be used to provide the best possible result.

Nickel Raw Materials Nickel Carrier

Nickel Carrier 1 litre - £9.99

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Nickel Carrier is usually used as a first step brightener additive in order to increase the brightness of a standard Nickel Chloride, Nickel Sulphate and Boric Acid plating bath. Can be used singularly to attain semi-bright finish. Used for stress relief and improved ductility.

Nickel Additive

Nickel Additive SA1  250ml - £3.99

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Nickel Additive SA.1 is added to provide for maximum rates of brightening and levelling. It also diminishes the tendency of liberated hydrogen to form gas pits.

Nickel Additive

Nickel Wetter 100ml - £3.99

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This addition agent is used as a wetting additive to prevent pitting by lowering the surface tension of the nickel plating solution.

Nickel Additive

Nickel Brightener 100ml - £5.99

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A market leading nickel brightener for use in standard bright nickel solutions. Used generally at 1ml per litre of plating solution in conjunction with other additives listed below for optimum brightness.

bright nickel plating solution

Bright Nickel Plating Kit - 5 Litres

This kit will provide you with nearly everything you need to start bright nickel plating. This kit comprises of a 200W Power output, 5 litres of industrial grade bright nickel plating solution, pickling (Dry Acid) salts, industrial grade pre-treatment degreaser, nickel anodes, titanium wire & copper wire. All you need is a tank or vessel to put the solutions in and a method of heating it. The kit offers great value and quality products, used across the industry around the UK today. *PROFESSIONAL USERS ONLY*

(Kit contains 5 litres of plating solution, 250g Degreaser, 500g Dry Acid Pickle, 1x Titanium Wire, 1x Copper Wire, Nickel Anodes (approx 150g) and power supply.)

Add to Basket Bright Nickel Plating Kit - £85.99