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The etching of Aluminium is a very common process and reasonably simple to perform. Often aluminium process needs to be performed very carefully and can often be etched accidentally by inappropriate chemistry. However, controlled etching is an important process in aluminium treatment and our etch products are used in industrial practices every single day.

The Youplate Aluminium Etch is not just a base material, but a formulated product which allows for the controlled etching of components which being formulated using chelating agents to allow for a long bath life and avoid inevitable metal composition in the solution which will ruin a solution. The nature of the formula allows for dissolved aluminium to create a “complex” which does not produce hard deposits within the tank and will allow for a long bath life and therefore saving costs. The etch solution can also be used to remove anodising and “alochrome” coatings on the surface of components.

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Aluminium Etchant, 1kg - £9.99

A formulated etchant which is used for controlled etch as well as a method of removal for pre-existing anodising and chromate coatings. Gives an attractive matt finish to Aluminium parts.

New solutions are made up at 30g / litre, making this 1kg pack enough for a large volume and enough to replenish a working solution.

aluminium de smut

Aluminium De-Smut, 1 litre - £9.99

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Fast acting De-oxidiser / De-smut used as a post etch and brightener process for aluminium. Miscible in water and provides a convenient de-smut / de-oxidiser solution.

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Anodising Solution

Ready to use, the Youplate Anodising Solution is not a standard Sulphuric Acid anodising solution but is formulated to withstand poor cooling conditions. Anodising should be cooled, refrigeration  is used industrially but is just not practical or indeed affordable for the small scale user. This solution will allow a greater performance during use, which sees temperatures rise, when only running water cooling can be used.

Feel free to ask about our anodising products, currently not available online.

aluminium de smut

Black Anodising Dye MLW

Industrial, MLW grade Black anodising dye. Used throughout industry and gives a fantastic finish. Use what the Pro’s use! Outdoor and indoor applications. Light and weather resistant.

aluminium de smut

Acuseal 30 - Low temperature anodising sealer

Acuseal 30 low temperature sealing process is an economic alternative to boiling water sealafter anodising. Make up at 5g / litre with demineralised water. 200g pack enough to make up to 40 litres!

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